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Jason Harrison

Member since July 2015Contact Jason

  • CEO Gain Theory
  • New York New York
  • 10019 USA

Jason is the founding CEO of Gain Theory, and is responsible for articulating the vision, evangelizing the mission and steering the company towards the attainment of our goals. A veteran of media agency, client tech and consulting experience, Jason has a multilateral perspective on the industry that gives him unique insight into the data, tech and analytics-related challenges faced by our clients. As well as having worked client-side at Johnson and Johnson, Jason has held the title of Global Chief Information Officer at Maxus and Universal McCann, and has held roles in management consulting, eCommerce and corporate technology, advising Fortune 500 clients on how to navigate through the intersection of marketing and technology. Jason is based in Minneapolis where he enjoys the long, cold winters.

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  • Making Sense Of All That Data in MAD on 07/10/2015

    CMOs and their teams are increasingly buried by numbers, facts and details about their business, their products, their customers and the marketplace. But they're constantly frustrated by their inability to extract relevant and actionable insights. CMOs know, like the rest of us, that there is a need for brands to make quicker, smarter, more predictive decisions in a real-time marketing environment. Simultaneously, they have to manage a complex marketing landscape that consists of more channels for consumers to interact with than ever before. Understandably, many CMOs are not sure which first step (or second steps) will get them out from under the mountain of data.

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