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Matt de Pratter

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  • Vice President, Digital Shopper Marketing Catapult
  • Minneapolis Minnesota
  • 55411 USA

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  • The Realities Of Virtual Reality At Retail in AI & IoT Daily on 04/19/2017

    At retail, many of the recent whispers about aisle reinvention lately have revolved around virtual reality. Whether the buzz translates into reality hinges on the following question: How do we, as marketers, bring VR to life for the Walmart or Target shopper in a way that actually improves his or her shopping experience? Despite several VR headsets making their way to the masses, these products essentially amount to a gimmicky (and in many cases, outrageously expensive) experience. For most consumers, VR is associated strictly with video games, as its transition to the commerce space has been limited so far.

  • Understanding Shoppers Is Key To IoT Marketing Strategy in AI & IoT Daily on 05/06/2016

    Will the Internet of Things one day let shoppers browse the aisles of their favorite retailers without ever leaving home? It's easy to jump to such futuristic notions as you follow the evolution of internet-enabled devices like the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, which caused a stir when introduced at the CES in January. The new smart fridge raised eyebrows by hinting at a future where consumers might do their grocery shopping right there in the kitchen through an embedded app (developed by financial services company MasterCard) that lets consumers make lists and place orders directly from the appliance.

  • IoT: Keeping The Message In The Medium in AI & IoT Daily on 03/25/2016

    Much of the marketing conversation related to the Internet of Things centers on the technology and the ways in which Internet-enabled devices and services can simplify the shopping experience -even eliminate the need to shop in the traditional sense - and make it harder for brands to communicate effectively with consumers. Blending the digital and physical worlds will create countless opportunities to enhance the lives of consumers by turning the act of shopping into a literal no-brainer. If pushing a 'Buy Now'button is too much work, then automatic replenishment is just the thing.

  • People Still Key In The Internet of Things in AI & IoT Daily on 03/02/2016

    There are more reports about digital shopping behavior these days than you can shake a stick at. What consumers are doing online has become a bit of an industry obsession. It's all very helpful, but by now I think we've got the general point: Consumers are doing a lot of shopping online. We witnessed that during the 2015 holidays, when 102 million bought products in stores during the Thanksgiving weekend and 103 million bought products online.

  • IoT: Who's Minding the Store? in AI & IoT Daily on 01/14/2016

    With Walmart, Target, Walgreens, The Home Depot, CVS and other leading national chains experimenting with beacon-based shopper communication, it looks as if retailers are genuinely ready and willing to take control of bringing The Internet of Things into the store environment. That so many retailers are willing to invest in IoT capabilities is a huge step in the right direction. It wasn't so long ago that paranoid retailers refused to even provide shoppers with WiFi within their walls. And don't forget that the main reason digital signage or in-store TV has never scaled is because very few retailers ever wanted to foot those bills.

  • Finding the IoT Value Behind the Button in AI & IoT Daily on 11/13/2015

    Do we really think the simple press of a button can change the future of marketing? In September, Amazon announced an expansion of its Dash program, that amazingly cool little experiment in instant shopping gratification that lets consumers reorder household staples with the touch of a button, at the exact moment and location in which they first realize something is needed.

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