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Joel Crawford

Member since November 2015Contact Joel

  • Vice President, Global Solutions Sizmek
  • London
  • EC1V GBR

As VP of Global Solutions, Joel Crawford guides both the strategy and execution of Sizmek’s Open Ad Management solutions across the world. He specializes in helping global advertisers bring technology and data together in a way that allows them to glean global insights and activate them across the globe. Before taking over his current global role, Joel grew through the ranks to assume full leadership of Sales & Operations, EMEA. Prior to Sizmek, Joel was New Business Development Director, Europe, at Tangozebra, and European Advertising Manager at 24/7 Real Media.

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  • Are Walled Gardens Harming Opportunities For Brands? in MediaDailyNews on 11/17/2015

    There are good business reasons for digital powerhouses like Google and Facebook to implement a protectionist strategy. If they control access to audiences and the data to best target them, they can control the spend. The question is whether this is good for the ecosystem at large, particularly for the group affected most by this closed data system: brands.

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