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Shahar Kaminitz

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Shahar Kaminitz is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of insert: a stealth-mode company that is making mobile apps better. Shahar helped shape the foundations of the mobile app industry, in his prior role as the founder and CEO of Worklight - the leading enterprise mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets

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  • Mobile Apps Need A Refresh in Mobile Marketing Daily on 02/23/2016

    Many have been sounding the death knell of the app for quite some time. Google and Apple, they say, are both in a race to see who can kill the app first by turning app functions into features of their everyday operating systems. Another factor that has been overlooked and may hasten the app's demise: any upgrade, whether just one feature or a whole overhaul, takes months, if not years to implement. That means that the minute an app goes live, it is already out of date.

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