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Richard Hall

Member since February 2016

Richard is the VP of Television Strategy for Videology. He is responsible for leading the company's programmatic TV strategy including feature-set and go to market collateral. Hall has held previous leadership roles with companies including IPG Mediabrands, Sony Crackle, Dolby and Netscape.

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  • Driverless Cars: Majority Don't Believe They Will Ever Own One; 60% Of Millennials by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 03/07/2016)

    Wrong question. In the future you won't need to "own" a driverless car - they will be offered like utilities as part of the "transportation cloud" by Google, Uber and Apple. Like ZipCar you'll pay as you use the service. A better question is if Uber, Google or Apple offered a driverless car service that picked you up and dropped you at a price similar to Uber which service would you use... - I would use Google - I would use Uber - I would use Apple - I would not use such a service

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