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Matt Smith

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Founder of SmithGifford, and creativly driven branding agency in the mid - Atlantic

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  • In-House Agencies, Good Or Bad? It Depends in MAD on 11/02/2018

    Is taking ad agency operations in-house really the best move for clients? The simple answer is that some marketing disciplines can be moved inside and perform brilliantly and successfully. Others can't, and marketers shouldn't even try.

  • Some Creative Musings On The Eve Of Cannes in MAD on 06/15/2018

    When I was at Chiat/Day I remember that Lee Clow could say one sentence and make work better. That's my test.

  • It's Time For Ad Buyers To Boycott Facebook in MAD on 03/30/2018

    All you chief marketing officers out there who think you're being so clever, so tech-savvy and so in tune with the millennials you so desperately seek, think again.

  • Has Advertising Jumped The Shark? in MAD on 03/12/2018

    My fear is that too many of us are acting like screenwriters and television showrunners. The endgame now seems to be to entertain above all else, even when it comes at the expense of delivering impactful messaging about a brand.

  • How To Succeed In Winning New Business (By Really Trying) in MAD on 09/08/2017

    In more than 35 years in the agency business (at shops big and small) I've discovered a few simple truths that, when rigorously applied, have helped me pitch (and win) business at a pretty good rate of success.

  • Simplifying Social Syndication Lets Publishers, Brands Reach Audiences On Every Platform  in Publishers Daily on 12/28/2016

    For publishers and content owners, discoverability, audience reach and monetization have become pillars of their collective video strategy.

  • The Value Of Awards For Ad Agencies in MAD on 04/06/2016

    It's no secret that many in Adland obsess over them. What I've discovered is that awards don't really mean all that much personally, and I'm not at all sure they serve as the new business catalyst that so many of my peers seem to believe they represent. I think they have a place, but not under what has become the conventional wisdom.

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