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Max Lenderman

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Max Lenderman is founder and CEO at School, a purposeful creative agency that specializes in human-centric media. His previous work experience includes Executive Creative Director at MDC Partners’ The Arsenal and Director of OuterActive at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, where he led the multinational agency’s experiential practice. He also served as Executive Creative Director at GMR Marketing. After returning from the US Peace Corps where he drilled wells in Chad, Lenderman began his career in New York City as a marketing journalist. In 1999, he founded and helmed Gearwerx, one of the first experiential marketing agencies in Canada with offices in Montreal and Toronto. Lenderman’s breakthrough work titled "Experience the Message: How Experiential Marketing is Changing the Brand World" was a Business Book of the Year Finalist in 2006 and has been cited as “the best book on experiential marketing.” His second book, "Brand New World: How Oligarchs, Paupers and Pirates Are Changing Business," was published by HarperCollins in April 2009. It has been translated into five languages. Lenderman is a lecturer at the University of Colorado’s Boulder Digital Works and the Solvay School of Business, is a founding board member of the International Experiential Marketing Association (IXMA), and is a sought-after public speaker, media commentator and blogger on the subjects of strategic branding, experiential marketing and emerging global business trends.

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  • The Advertising and Marketing Ivory Tower Is Crumbling in MAD on 10/03/2017

    The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) published an eye-opening report earlier this month that has drastic (and perhaps dire) consequences for our industry. As an adjunct professor of advertising at the University of Colorado in Boulder and as the CEO of an agency, I have seen the growing knowledge divide between academia and the industry into which we are graduating students.

  • You Get So Much When You Give in MAD on 04/20/2016

    Almost every agency I know has a volunteer program, and there's no shortage of humanitarian intention in our industry. We should all be proud of that. Within our halls and ranks there's an abundance of food drives, group builds, and clean-up crew registrations. When we (often rarely) have the time, we're pretty good at giving it to someone else.

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