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Tom Davis

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  • Cmo Forbes
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  • PR And Media Sales: Worlds Colliding in Supply-Side Insider on 08/12/2016

    The media business, in the face of competition from Facebook and Google, is fighting for attention, eyeballs and advertising dollars. And the challenges facing media sellers are becoming increasingly more complex, as our focus shifts from targeting audience "segments" to reaching individuals. How can marketers and media brands continue to serve and succeed?

  • What Is Predictive Modeling -- And Why Should Publishers Take Notice? in Supply-Side Insider on 06/16/2016

    At the recent Modern Marketing Summit, I moderated a panel, "Know Thy Customer: Predictive Modeling And Brands Doing It Right," in front of over 100 attendees in the very cool Altman Building on West 18th Street in Manhattan. My first question went to the audience: "A show of hands. Who knows what this topic means?"

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