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Entrepreneur David Moritz is the founder and CEO of three successful businesses: Society Awards, Viceroy Creative and Ambition Beverages. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree from NYU and a JD from Cardozo School of Law, Moritz turned his passion for luxury and design into a thriving businesses empire. His first company, Society Awards, was founded in 2007 and grows by over 50% every year. Under his leadership, the company was included on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious 500/5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the country. A testament to his business savvy, Moritz identified a need within the custom award market and in just a few short years has made Society Awards the premiere company for high-end award design and creation. Moritz followed up this successful business by launching a sister company, Viceroy Creative. Viceroy is a full-service design firm specializing in brand strategy, brand innovation and package design. The concept was derived from the obscure and sometimes overlooked field of package design, which is a vital component of many businesses, but is not always done correctly. With Moritz at the helm, Viceroy has transformed the standard for design studios; securing high profile clients include Pepsi, Lipton, Playboy, Marc Jacobs, Patrón, Skyy and Colgate, amongst others. Never one to miss a business opportunity, Moritz quickly realized the profitable marriage between his two companies and set out to create his own luxury products which include a vodka, sparkling wine and champagne. A nightlife aficionado who enjoys parties all over the world, Moritz always wanted to create his own high-quality spirits that would surpass the brands already on the market. He opened Ambition Beverages and launched the American-made Vision Vodka, which quickly became the darling of NYC nightlife. He then released Gabrielle Wine, a sparkler made in New York State at the oldest winery in America. Moritz completed his trifecta with Noblesse Champagne, a luxury French champagne that is 100% cuvee and 100% estate, and one of the finest champagnes on the market today. All three products are award-winning and sold at upscale restaurants, nightclubs and bars in New York City.

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    What are the implications for luxury brands seeking to partner with celebrities in the wake of yet another public disgrace from a promotional figure?

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