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Pete VonDerLinn

Member since July 2016Contact Pete

  • Executive Creative Director Partners + Napier
  • Rochester New York
  • 14614 USA

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  • Making An 'Effie' Agency Culture in MAD on 05/30/2017

    Once upon a time, we took a "spray & pray" approach with our limited award show budget. Enter a bunch of different shows. Hope for the best. Repeat.

  • How Agencies Can Beat Those Summertime Doldrums in MAD on 07/08/2016

    Boredom sucks. Avoiding boredom is the main reason we all got into this business, right? But try as we do to shoot our campaigns in fabulous locations with people cooler than us, occasionally boredom creeps in. So if you're bored, here are some proven strategies to un-bore yourself and your team.

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