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Haydn Sweterlitsch

Member since July 2016Contact Haydn

Global Chief Creative Officer at HackerAgency, a data-driven, full-service CRM agency. Part of FCB Global and Interpublic Group.

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  • Marketers Must Identify The Right Level Of Interruption in AI & IoT Daily on 08/10/2016

    Modern magic, sometimes even modern religion. This is how technology is sometimes perceived. But with all the wisdom, all the knowledge, all the communication that is possible in this asymmetric digital age, often it is the patience and the endurance of the consumer that are seriously tested. Virtually everything in your life is connected and able to communicate. The constant updates, notifications and chirps could quickly overwhelm. Marketers who contribute to this ever-increasing noise risk rendering their messages irrelevant, ignored and ultimately dead on arrival.

  • 3 Tech Trends You Need For Marketing To Survive In 2020  in AI & IoT Daily on 07/22/2016

    There's no shortage of statistics prescribing and predicting the value of connected tech, and all of them seem to center on the year 2020. While Cisco says 50 billion devices will be connected by then, Intel claims 200 billion. Telefonica predicts 90% of cars will be connected. What does this all mean for marketers? What does an $80 billion smart home industry look like and what will change when we see a $1.7 trillion consumer spend via IoT devices?

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