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  • Most Find Marketers' Energy Claims 'Somewhat Believable'  in Marketing Daily on 10/03/2007

    [Research] "This is a great score for advertisers," says Tom Mularz, senior vice president at Synovate, which conducted the exclusive study for Marketing Daily. "Most people feel that advertisers' claims of energy efficiency are somewhat credible. The advertisers aren't believed to the extent they would like to be, but less than 1% of people think they're not at all believable."

  • 8 Of 10 Americans Know About Blogs; Half Visit Them Regularly  in Marketing Daily on 08/29/2007

    [Research] An exclusive Marketing Daily study finds there is real potential for ads on blogs. Among people who have visited a blog, 43.2% said they have noticed ads on blogs, and three out of 10 people in this group said they have clicked on ads while visiting a blog. Among the youngest consumers, a whopping 61.2% of 18- to-24-year-olds said they have noticed ads on blogs.

  • Americans Use Sunscreen, But They Still Want That Tan  in Marketing Daily on 06/27/2007

    [Research] White, middle-aged people are a key target for marketers of sunless-tanning products because they are the ones who grew up when getting a tan was seen as no big health issue. In fact, the Marketing Daily/Synovate survey finds that 77% of people ages 35 to 44 equate a tan with beauty.

  • Kaiser: Ads Worry Parents, Want Government To Step In in MediaDailyNews on 06/20/2007

    According to a new survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 70% of parents worry their kids see too much advertising. And while the amount is a concern -- it's the content, often sexual or violent in nature, that has them up in arms. The answer: They want the Feds to regulate TV content in early prime time.

  • Kaiser: Parents Vigilant About Kids' Web Habits  in Online Media Daily on 06/20/2007

    Three of four parents surveyed by the Kaiser Family Foundation think they know a lot about what their kids are doing on the Internet. Some 87% say they check their kids' IM buddy lists, while 39% check their child's email or inbox.

  • Parents Worry About TV Ads; Feel More In Control Online in Marketing Daily on 06/20/2007

    [Research] Nearly 70% of parents worry their kids see too much advertising, reports the Kaiser Family Foundation, in a new survey on families and media habits. But three of four parents think they know a lot about what their kids are doing online.

  • Marketers Find What's Good For Environment, Good For Business  in Marketing Daily on 06/14/2007

    [Research] Wal-Mart has been pressuring marketers to reduce energy usage, minimize packaging and adopt other environmentally sound initiatives. But the Deloitte/GMA study found marketers are ahead of most retailers in implementing sustainability programs.

  • Digital Picture Frames Category Has Nowhere To Go But Up  in Marketing Daily on 06/06/2007

    [Technology] Price, novelty and availability are driving the category. Companies are creating frames that not only appear to work like Power Point presentations, they actually are Power Point presentations. And, with so many consumers stuck with digital cameras full of photos they can't find the time to print out, this niche is on fire.

  • Study Finds American College Students Flunk 'Brand Origin 101'  in Marketing Daily on 06/01/2007

    [Perception] The country of origin has a positive impact on brand equity when the country is associated with quality, as are Japan, the U.S., Germany, Italy, the U.K. and France. It works the other way as well. For example, the study found that students who know LG is from Korea gave a higher product rating for Korea.

  • Consumers Confused About Alternative Fuel Source Called E85  in Marketing Daily on 05/25/2007

    [Research] A survey done exclusively for Marketing Daily finds that despite a marketing blitz by General Motors for its E85 vehicles, most people aren't aware that GM is the best-known automaker for offering vehicles that run on the corn-based fuel. In fact, 8% chose Toyota, which doesn't even advertise such a car.

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