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  • After A Brutal Year For Everyone, What's Next For Agencies? in MAD on 04/01/2021

    The year 2020 was an arduous journey for agencies, so I know that you feel completely overwhelmed. Now isn't the time for more to-do list tasks - it's time for some acknowledgment.

  • The Benefits of Niching Your Agency in 2021 in MAD on 01/26/2021

    As an agency, it's important to cement your verticals and own those markets in order to scale your business in a consistent and planned way. That way, you'll be protected even if one pipeline dries up.

  • How to Keep Your Agency's Top Talent Without Breaking the Bank in MAD on 08/08/2019

    Agencies can no longer expect to hold onto fantastic writers, designers, or account managers for the next 20 years. In fact, they're lucky if they can get three years.

  • An Owner's Survival Guide To Building An Ad Agency in MAD on 07/30/2018

    For many companies, growth is measured by the number of employees or clients. Causality actually exists between those two goals, but many agencies don't seem to realize it.

  • The Advantage Agencies Have In The Recruitment Game in MAD on 06/07/2017

    No, it isn't money, we all know that. It's culture. And playing that card right is key to successful agency talent recruitment.

  • Job 1: Why New Business Development Should Never Leave The Top Of Your List in MAD on 01/24/2017

    Too many agencies only consider a new business plan when their big, gorilla clients are unhappy or threaten to leave. By that point, it may be too late. It just takes one call from that valuable client to send an agency into a tailspin. You're left scrambling to find a major replacement for the lost revenue. An unavoidable reality of agency life is that it ebbs and flows. But when you have a plan in place to consistently uncover new business opportunities, the ebbs won't hit as hard.

  • The Nuanced Art Of Pricing Agency Services in MAD on 11/23/2016

    Many agencies struggle with pricing. Their biggest mistake? Providing only one option, which encourages clients to push back and negotiate. It doesn't matter how accurate your rate is. If you offer only one price, your client will assume there must be a better deal.

  • Building Loyalty Within An Agency in MAD on 08/29/2016

    It's not enough to distribute the company Kool-Aid. Getting employees to drink it requires you to authentically express - face-to-face - why you believe in your agency and what end goals it will achieve. Passion and charisma are contagious. Help your team members understand what drives you, and they will enthusiastically commit.

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