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Bradford Mettey

Member since January 2017Contact Bradford

  • Associate Creative Director / Copywriter RED Interactive
  • Santa Monica California
  • 90405 USA

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  • Moral Marketing In The Age Of Trump in MediaDailyNews on 01/09/2017

    As marketers, we have some responsibility for what "normal" looks like. Today, it's easy to be uncharitable to earlier progressive ads (most of them just swapped one type of pandering for another -- "you're a good little feminist, aren't you!" -- but back then they actually did some good, and in a mostly unintended way: they put single, working women onscreen and in print again and again, and over time normalized the sight. Happy divorced women. Happy childless women. Happy women with white collar jobs. For most Americans - who had no access to the academic and intellectual venues where women's lib was getting hashed out - these ads were the vanguard of what real life was about to look like.

  • Moral Marketing In The Age Of Trump in Marketing Politics Daily on 01/09/2017

    After this election, showing that the norm is diversity and acceptance, not xenophobia and paranoia. This is morality, not business. Visibility protects people from prejudice, and it's possible that a lot of people are about to need protecting - even in our small, sometimes clumsy way.

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