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Ronald Voigt

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As President of X-Rite Pantone, I get to do some pretty amazing things. One of my favorite things is helping leaders and innovators make their visions into reality. Almost every day, I manage to find a new reason to get excited about what I do. Empowered by an innovative, high-powered team, I am driven to deliver a high-quality customer experience through custom, groundbreaking solutions and best practice services. By focusing on overall vision, everything from solution development to marketing to strategy can drive home the set of core values which we exercise in everything we do here at X-Rite. Before life at X-Rite, I led Commercial and Services Operations at Tektronix and was President, Industrial Automation at Kollmorgen (both Danaher companies). Going back further still, I’ve had the opportunity of holding several leadership positions at Delphi, including a European based assignment in Paris and an executive residency at NUMMI, where I was able to get hands-on experience in the methodologies and practices of the Toyota Production System. I am always excited to share my ideas with other professionals, or to discuss how we can put X-Rite technologies and tools to work for you. If you are interested in hearing more, I invite you to connect with me at FUSE 2017 (April 4-6, 2017) or FEI 2017 (May 8-11, 2017).

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