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Rachel Williamson

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In her role as Vice President and General Manager of Gamut, Rachel Williamson oversees the brand’s sales, marketing, and ad operations. She promotes continued engagement between the sales and programmatic teams in New York and San Francisco, and assists in the collaborative efforts to leverage the strengths of Gamut’s national portfolio with the CoxReps and Videa teams. Rachel’s robust media experience includes several years as a Sr. Account Executive and Sales Manager at CMG’s Louisville radio stations, as well as a Sr. Account Executive at Gamut. In her previous position, Rachel worked as Director of Digital Revenue Development for CMG, where she worked in tandem with the CMG local solutions team developing sales strategies, best practices, digital business management, and analysis to achieve increased year-over-year digital revenues. With her strong background in sales and coaching, as well as her positive energy and digital experience, Rachel is a natural fit for leadership.

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  • Video Must Be Sold The Way Buyers Want To Buy It in Supply-Side Insider on 03/24/2017

    The demand for digital video is immense, and continuing to gain momentum. Where TV was once the sole source for video content, consumers now have a plethora of options to consume video. And where consumers go, advertisers have followed. Despite such robust demand, the supply of video impressions continues to struggle to meet it. Publishers face challenges both in creating premium video content, and in transacting these impressions.

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