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Jude O'Connor

Member since May 2017Contact Jude

Vice President, Brand and Agency Performance - AdColony

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  • Upper Or Lower, It's Still The Same Funnel in Marketing Daily on 07/03/2017

    Performance and direct response teams are more closely reliant on each other, and the work of one team adds an incredible amount of value to the other. Here's how.

  • Mobile Ads: Pick Your Outcome, Not Your KPI in Mobile Marketing Daily on 05/12/2017

    Talk to brand advertisers about the possibilities of mobile advertising, and enjoy watching their eyes light up with excitement. "Wait, so you're saying I can target based on historical location, or by real-time GPS radius?" "I can make the phone vibrate in their hands during impactful moments while the ad is playing -- and the video can be HD and full-screen?" It's enough to make anyone salivate. But sometimes the things that make mobile so enticing end up standing in the way of success, and can interfere with your efforts to meet your objectives. Here's why:

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