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Alec McNayr

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Alec McNayr is the co-founder of social media creative agency McBeard, named one of AdAge’s “Best Places to Work” in 2016. Through Alec’s leadership and creative vision, McBeard has led over 350 social campaigns for movies and TV shows, recently including “Deadpool” (20th Century Fox), “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (Lucasfilm), “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel Studios), “Son of Zorn” (FOX) and “Homeland” (Showtime). McBeard also works with brands like AT&T, Coca-Cola, Mattel, GE, Mary Kay, Activision, Char-Broil and Moet. As a writer, Alec’s humor blog “Historical Tweets” was published as a humor book by Random House, and he sold a TV pilot to the ABC network. He received a degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and resides with his wife and three daughters (!!!) in Los Angeles.

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  • For Social Investment Is In-House Or Agency The Better Approach? in MAD on 05/22/2017

    There's a lot of gray area in the answer. Established agencies, steeped in years of TV budgets, don't put their best people on social media. And I don't blame them. It's not where they make their money. But there's a risk in bringing social in-house.

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