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Eliana Vuijsje

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  • Head of Content Marketing GeoEdge
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  • PageFair Hacked, Distributes Malware With Anti-Blocking Analytics by Erik Sass (The Daily Blog on 11/03/2015)

    The attack was detected in five minutes, and took over an hour to stop. To me, this is the crux of the issue of why third-party ad security and verification tools exist. Full disclosure, I work for GeoEdge -- and we know not only how to detect malware, but can pinpoint exactly the source in addition the data needed to halt the campaign. Maybe, this hack is less of one of the "perils" for publishers using ad blocking software and more of a peril for not having a third-party ad security solution.  

  • More Meaningless Advice For Premium Publishers by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 07/23/2015)

    You can hear Ari's frustration and exasperation clearly. He spends so much time advising premium publishers in how to shape their ad sales strategy only to have it fall on deaf ears (that happens too often I'm afraid). I grew up with the phrase “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” We all know that it makes no sense to get a piece of cake and then not to eat it – unless you’re on a special diet.  But, for me, that’s the crux of this issue. Publishers often tolerate bad ads because it brings in good revenue. It’s not that people want to ignore Ari’s (and the industry’s) sound advice about running clean ad campaigns, it’s just that they want it all. The industry needs to offer a solution where publishers can “have their cake and eat it too.” I believe there are solutions out there that can help publishers get everything they want: the ability to sell of all their inventory (yes, with RTB) but also to maintain their brand reputation and ensure a clean user experience.  I am referring to Ad Security & Verification tools.  These tools can pre-scan and scan in real time to see whether ads coming through are compliant to brand policies. Every guideline Ari mentioned, from preroll ads not exceeding a certain amount of time to pop-up ads being banned, can be enforced through a solution that allows publishers to monitor and block noncompliant ads.  So I’m amending the rules that Ari wrote – for his version of Klint’s Digital Content Next, what he calls TAPP – to "Every premium publisher out there needs to get an Ad Security & Verification solution", to ensure that they can continue to work with RTB as well as ensure their brand reputation and clean user experience.DISCLAIMER: I work for an ad security and verification solution who does just what I wrote above and I believe we are helping keep a cleaner, more trustworthy ecosysyem.    

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