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Ron Jacobson

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Ron Jacobson is co-founder and CEO of Rockerbox.Prior to Rockerbox Ron Jacobson was a Product Manager at AppNexus. Follow Ron at Twitter at @rjjacobson.

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  • The Costs, Benefits Of Data Cleanliness in Marketing Insider on 07/27/2018

    When data surpassed oil last year as the world's most valuable resource, it marked a dramatic milestone in the history of human commercial activity. The "information economy" is firmly upon us, and it affects us all regardless of industry. Nobody knows that better than marketing and media professionals, who rely on targeted advertising to fuel their business.

  • Should Prospecting And Retargeting Be Separated? in Marketing Insider on 10/13/2017

    When was the last time you received a media RFP that said, "Put together the best overall marketing plan that you can for brand X"? I've seen hundreds of RFPs to date and none have asked anything similar.

  • The Viewability Red Herring in Marketing Daily on 08/03/2017

    The problem that emerges, however, is when viewability itself becomes the main goal / KPI of a campaign.

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  • The Viewability Red Herring by Ron Jacobson (Marketing Daily on 08/03/2017)

    Hey Ed -- Completely agree that viewability is just the beginging. That's whyI think viewability based attribution (i.e. only giving conversion credit if an ad was served) makes so much sense. What troubles me are media campaigns where viewability goals don't align with the actual campaign goal -- be it a CPA or CPI. I'd rather focus on getting the conversion (from a viewable ad) then making sure that 100% of my ads are viewed.

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