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Andreas Reiffen

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Andreas is a marketing technologist and an expert in data-driven online advertising. His mission is to change the game in Paid Search and Product Ads.

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  • The Amazon Ad Trick in Marketing Insider on 07/27/2018

    Amazon is the king of retail, and every now and then it finds new ways to tax its partners. The company's Sponsored Product ads, in which brands can bid to include their products within on-site search listings, have long been one of its most popular and effective tools. The reason is obvious: opening listings up to bids theoretically allows one brand to get the best ranking and pull revenue away from competitors.

  • Europe's New Data Protections Are The Beginning Of A Paradigm Shift in Marketing Daily on 02/23/2018

    To truly understand where data ownership is headed, it pays to take off our industry hats and think like a regular consumer.

  • CMOs Need A New Model For Retail Advertising Success in Marketing Daily on 08/10/2017

    It's helpful to plot the evolution of KPIs, so that you can understanding the emerging possibilities to impact your business more powerfully.

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