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Alan Cohen

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  • President and CEO Quigley Simpson
  • Twitter: tvac8
  • New York New York
  • 10036 USA

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  • How Performance Media Is The New Programmatic in MediaDailyNews on 03/08/2017

    Let's be honest, there are still a lot of full-service and media agencies, of all sizes, which are more focused on entering and winning awards, and their own press and reputations, than on ROI and actually driving your business forward.

  • The Futurist: Living the Virtual Life in Media Magazine on 04/24/2007

    Typical day. School was boring, except for my technology lab class. We hung out at Brian's playing Xbox Madden 2010 against a team from Ukraine after school. We dominated. It seems like our global power in gaming continues. Then we watched a Russian movie with the Ukrainian guys. By the way, Russian cinema is pretty wild.

  • The Futurist: Back to the Future, Again in Media Magazine on 01/29/2007

    I didn't get much sleep last night. My mind was racing. It's 2010, during the holidays, and I'd been traveling nonstop for a month. Technology is supposed to enable us, streamline processes, and give us back our personal time, but it's actually had the opposite effect on my life. Advances in communication seem to have placed us all in a perpetual state of fast forward.

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