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Meryl Draper

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Meryl Draper is the co-founder and CEO of Quirk Creative, award-winning video advertising agency based in Brooklyn with clients including Western Union, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and Carbonite. She was named one of the “32 Under 32” by San Francisco advertising pub, SFEgoist in 2015. Draper began her career in public relations at MSLGROUP, working with clientele including Cisco and Blackboard. She joined Ogilvy & Mather in Bangalore, India, where she oversaw IBM's advertising campaigns across 25+ global markets. Prior to founding Quirk, Draper built big data startup darling 6sense's brand from the ground up, helping secure $32 million in funding.

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  • Strategies Big Brands Should Steal From D2C Marketers in MAD on 11/26/2019

    For example, spend smart. D2Cs are dollar-conscious, which causes a focus on advertising performance and ROI.

  • Why Do We Think Male-Owned Agencies Will Bring Us Diversity? in MAD on 07/19/2019

    The question we must grapple with is: Can an agency, or any company, that has historically been owned and led exclusively by men genuinely reshape itself into the agency we need for the future?

  • How Video Is Changing The Game For Brand Marketers in Marketing Insider on 11/14/2017

    Recently, I attended an advertising event and spoke to a new acquaintance who introduced herself as a "digital marketer" for a software company, but noted "We're not quite ready for video." I could only shake my head, because the reality is that, in this day-and-age, if you consider yourself to be in digital marketing and aren't actively integrating video into your plans, you're a walking oxymoron. Digital is video, and video is digital for any savvy brand marketer today.

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