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Annalea Krebs

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Annalea Krebs is the founder and CEO of Social Nature, an influencer marketing company that inspires people across North America to #trynatural products. Over 60% of Social Nature’s community are Moms, eager to share products they’ve tried and loved with their friends on social media. With almost a decade of digital marketing experience, Annalea is both an innovator and thought leader in next generation CPG marketing. Annalea believes in promoting good stuff, not junk; that people trust friends, not ads; and that everyday consumers have influence. Annalea is a regular contributor to publications like Adweek and Media Post and frequently speaks at the Natural Product Expos, NBJ Summit and CHFA.

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  • Millennial Moms: The Misunderstood Influencer in Marketing Insider on 01/31/2018

    There's a lot of uncertainty among brands about which consumer groups hold the key to influence in their digital marketing. Somewhere on the Venn diagram nestled between Millennials and Moms are the new power influencers: Millennial Moms. Did you know that 83% of new moms are Millennials?

  • The Power Of Micro-Influencers: Who Would You Trust More, A Blogger Or A Friend? in Marketing Insider on 11/28/2017

    We know that people trust their friends more than they trust ads; this was the case before social and digital media, and it'll be the case when we move on to the next innovation in communication. While influencer marketing might seem like a new development for the modern age, it's really just a new name for tried and true word-of-mouth marketing. In many ways, marketers wanted to apply the old models to the new mediums and channels, but even that is changing as digital influencer marketing matures.

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