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Anthony Larrisey

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Anthony Larrisey is principal and creative director at boutique experiential marketing agency Industria Creative.

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  • 4 Technologies To Enhance Your Next Marketing Event in Marketing Insider on 01/12/2018

    There's no denying that we now live in a digital world. The latest findings show U.S. consumers are spending five hours a day on their mobile devices. We often let the digital world engulf the physical one, so much so that people forget they're walking on busy streets because they're so deep into their mobile devices. For marketers, this behavior signifies the importance of technology in today's attention economy. As such, technology should play a critical role in all marketing efforts, including physical experiences.

  • This Spring, Think Experiences in Marketing Insider on 12/27/2017

    In today's consumer marketing landscape, strategies and tactics are changing. To make an impression on consumers-including the coveted millennial demographic-marketers are steadily embracing immersive experience-based marketing. There's good reason for this accelerating trend away from product-based initiatives. Marketers who monitor social media understand the tremendous value of experiential marketing.

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