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Jordan English

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Jordan English is a digital content entrepreneur who specializes in content and media innovation. At New Brave World, he works closely with established content and technology companies as well as select entrepreneurs to build and scale their products. His work has garnered numerous creative awards, including the National ADDY for Interactive Communication, and he is a guest speaker at various technology, creative, and entrepreneurial conferences.

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  • The Next Generation Of Native Advertising Needs To Be Integrated in Marketing Insider on 12/15/2017

    Online publishers are facing a serious problem: They're not making enough money. Mashable recently sold for a scant $50 million (even though it was recently valued at $250 million), BuzzFeed is on pace to miss its 2017 revenue target by 15 to 20%, and Vice is expected to fall roughly $800 million short of its target this year, according to "The Wall Street Journal."

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