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Spyro Kourtis

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  • Take Your Customer Relationship To The Next Level in Marketing Insider on 01/24/2018

    Customers are people. So it follows that in many ways relationships with your customers are like the other relationships in your life. How can you take them to the next level? Put another way, data-driven marketing is like dating and if everyone treated it that way, they would be more successful.

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  • The Brand Says It All by Jack Loechner (Research Brief on 12/14/2010)

    Surveys like this are always a little suspect. When an organization called the Custom Content Council sponsors a survey, it’s not surprising that custom content is found to be superior to every other type of marketing. You don’t need to create a dichotomy between branded content and direct mail and then conclude “the brand says it all.” We’ve found branded content to be a great-performing offer for some of our direct mail and email programs. It’s not really an either/or proposition.

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