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Aana Wherry

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Aana Wherry is the Director of Marketing & Communications at Popular Pays. raduating from Duke University in 2009, she began her professional career as a teacher in New Orleans where she learned how to craft compelling stories to capture the attention of the most difficult target audience, young adults. Realizing her knack for storytelling, in 2012, she joined Leo Burnett and officially kicked off her career in marketing & advertising. At Pop Pays, Aana encourages creativity through action. She embraces discovering insights to inform strategic decisions by testing what works in the real world. With her team, she aspires to create a brand with a clear point of view and a willingness to create spaces where consumers and brands can engage in conversation. She is a non traditional marketer at a non traditional company, redefining what it means to exist as a creative technology company within the advertising industry.

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  • Content That Works: Generation Z in Marketing Insider on 03/26/2018

    Every new generation presents a different set of challenges for marketers. Today, we're setting our sights on Generation Z, the largest and most diverse generation to date. Born between 1995 and 2015, the oldest Gen Zer is turning 23. Yet, studies suggest that, in two short years, they will account for 40% of all consumers, "Fast Company" finds. Key to a marketer's success in the years to come will be understanding the behaviors and motivations of this demographic.

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