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James Allum

Member since March 2018

With over 20 years’ experience in the software industry, I have global leadership experience building, maintaining and growing partner networks, delivering software sales support, professional services, solution architecture and customer success to clients, partners and prospects in 20 countries.

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  • GDPR Is Forcing Marketers To Live Up To Their Promises, And That's A Good Thing in Marketing Daily on 07/26/2018

    It is essential that marketers know what customers want from a relationship and then collect data as a way to deliver it, rather than collecting data for the sake of having data.

  • GDPR Will Force Marketers To Be Better in Marketing Insider on 03/28/2018

    GDPR has been looming over marketers' heads for some time now, and with its implementation only a couple months away, many organizations are working rapidly to ensure compliance. One main element of the conversation around the new regulations is the overwhelming focus on its burdensome nature, but marketers would do well to shift perspectives and think about how these regulations will benefit their efforts- if they're not already.

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