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Aziz Rahim

Member since April 2018Contact Aziz

  • CEO Sabio Mobile
  • Twitter: @sabiomobile
  • Santa Monica California
  • 90401 USA

A true mobile evangelist that has worked in every aspect of the mobile advertising ecosystem. CEO of Sabio Mobile. "You are what you App" = App ScienceĀ® App ScienceĀ® is Sabio's propriety technology, which helps brands understand a consumers consumption behaviors through machine learning analysis of App profiles.

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  • All Bow To Amazon? in Marketing Insider on 04/18/2018

    Amazon is dominating retail. That's hardly a secret. As a result, established brands are struggling to maintain market share, and brick-and-mortar stores are bending over backwards to try and lure shoppers back in. Others have thrown in the towel, with Toys R Us as the most recent casualty of Amazon's aggressive tactics.

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