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Evan Hills

Member since January 2014Contact Evan

  • Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Dstillery
  • New York New York
  • 10028 USA

Evan is passionate about bringing data-driven decisioning to brands and agencies to improve efficacy and minimize waste of marketing and advertising in an increasingly data driven world. What excites him is increasing the adoption of data-driven methodology to all aspects of the marketing funnel - from market research to performance advertising - to make sure brands are finding and targeting the correct customers. Evan runs Dstillery's Business Development team as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, focusing on corporate strategy, and data partnerships with both data owners and activation platforms. He joined Dstillery in 2014 and has previously managed partnerships with social platforms LinkedIn and Twitter, and company data strategy. Evan graduated from University of St Andrews with an MA Honours in International Relations, and remains a self-proclaimed foreign policy nerd.

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  • Realigning The Data Seller's Mission With Marketers in Marketing Insider on 07/16/2018

    There's a persistent myth in digital advertising that data can solve every issue a marketer has. Vendors preach about helping advertisers find thousands of new customers they didn't know existed, using digital behavioral signals. They promise ease of use, and the idea that campaigns are only effective when they hit the biggest audiences.

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