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Miranda Anderson

Member since July 2018

At Mirum, Miranda leads a client service team whose passion to equip both agency and client teams for market leadership, accelerated growth and product and process innovation. Miranda serves as her clients’ advocate and strategic business partner while ensuring internal and external teams are driving toward a shared vision and goals. Miranda believes that all channels are connected by the common thread of human experience - and that digital provides the flexibility to deliver more with less. She also manages the agency’s relationship with UnitedHealth Group. Miranda has planned and launched new products and experiences – from smart watches to voice interfaces - (UnitedHealth Group), multi-channel campaigns, and pilot programs which have helped her clients file patents for new products (Johnson & Johnson) reduce energy use (Integrys), purchase test preparation support (The Princeton Review), generate funds for a new hospital wing, and build brands for new and emerging companies. You can find her on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @msmanderson.

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  • Reclaiming Ambition in MAD on 07/23/2018

    There's one part of my identity where a word I claim still feels like something you shouldn't speak in polite company. Ambitious.

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