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Yale Cohen

Member since February 2019Contact Yale

  • EVP, Global Digital Standards Publicis Media
  • New York New York
  • 10014 USA

Yale Cohen serves as the EVP of Global Digital Standards for Publicis Media Exchange (PMX), which encompasses all areas of media quality and protections to help advertisers understand the value of each individual impression. He has become Publicis Media’s industry voice for Standards, incorporating client needs for partners to adhere to Publicis’ stringent expectations. Throughout his 16 years of digital advertising experience, Yale has worked alongside clients including JPMorgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Masterfoods and Zipcar. He joining the agency in March 2010 and has achieved several notable accomplishments over the past 12 months. He established the Digital Standards Team as a Center of Excellence within the agency, launched the Standards & Safety Hub as a global resource for clients and agencies, received MRC Accreditation by DoubleVerify for PMX’s proprietary viewability stance, and is developing Brand Safety Tools with YouTube and Facebook to better manage controls and protections for advertisers at a global or local level. In 2018, he was recognized on Adweek’s Young Influential list, honoring top talent in media, marketing, and technology. As a member of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, 4A’s Digital Operations and Technology Committee, 4A’s Advertising Protection Bureau, Project OAR, AdLedger and Trustworthy Accountability Group, Yale has proven to be a highly dedicated industry leader. He takes pride in providing the highest level of quality standards for advertisers, and is continuing to expand his vast expertise of the business.

Articles by Yale All articles by Yale

  • Beyond Brand Safety: Today's Most Important Standard is Brand Integrity in MAD on 05/19/2021

    To help the industry start to think in this way, a new set of standards are required to help advertisers and agencies think about how to maintain Brand Integrity throughout the entire campaign process and without interruption.

  • Blockchain: Useful Marketing Tool But Not A Cure-All in MAD on 02/16/2019

    In the near future, the technology has encouraging potential for specific advertising use cases. But first the industry needs to undergo a crawl-walk-run education around its key components, what it truly enables, and how it should realistically be used today.

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