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Nicholas Wootten

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Nick is the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Innovation with Billups, a leading OOH and DOOH advertising technology company. Billups inspires brands to build and measure intelligent OOH campaigns, connecting advertisers to their audiences in the physical world. Nick leads Billups’ marketing and client development efforts – working closely with major brands, agencies and partners. Prior to Billups, Nick led marketing & media strategy for large agencies, brands and ad-tech companies, including Invo Coconut Water, Epic Signal (Mekanism) and VideoAmp, among others.

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  • Why Marketers Are Spending More In OOH Media in MAD on 06/28/2019

    While outdoor advertising has always been an awareness driver for brands, the ability to effectively measure its impact was limited in the past. Today OOH plays a far more strategic role for marketers as they plan and optimize campaigns to not only cut through the noise and capture consumer attention, but also drive store traffic, conversions and sales.

  • Why OOH Is Effective In Reaching Millennials And Gen Z in MAD on 05/13/2019

    Outdoor ads have a steadfast, evergreen quality that appeals to most younger consumers and cannot be overlooked by skipping, fast-forwarding or paying more to avoid ads.

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