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Chick Foxgrover

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Chick Foxgrover leads the outreach to creative technology and innovation professionals in advertising, focusing on the discovery of important advances in digital marketing, creative and innovation practices. He also serves 4A’s members with creative technology insights and best practices, publishes analyses of major technology conferences and participates on digital cross-industry initiatives. He brought together the expanding community of creative and digital technologists with the creation of the 4A’s Creative Technology Committee and launched CreateTech in 2011. the premier annual conference focused on the rapidly advancing field of creative technology in advertising and marketing. In 2020 he founded the CX Council, a cross-industry committee dedicated to thought leadership in brand building in the experience age

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  • Marketing Meets CX: Brand Building In The Experience Age in MAD on 12/09/2020

    With this year's massive shift to e-commerce thanks to COVID-19 confining customers to their homes, first-party customer data and other customer-centered strategies have transformed all agencies into digital agencies as businesses look to optimize end-to-end customer journeys and deliver value throughout.

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