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Michael McGuire

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  • Recouping Video Content Investment: How Affinity Analytics Can Help by Gerard Broussard and Mike McGuire (Publishers Daily on 05/16/2023)

    Thanks for the great questions James.1)  In this use case, affinity analytics is being deployed to help amortize content investments. For TV programmers, this means identifying the shows where ad promotional dollars could be used to stimulate tune-in. This starting point could be blended with attribution analytics to determine tune-in performance of the shows that surface in affinity analytics.  We do also have a similar solution that creates viewer segmentations using respondent level data and those solutions can be integrated with ad/martech tools in a privacy compliant way.2)  Our example is based on viewer behavior that is used to form the affinity clusters; in many cases the clusters may, in fact, closely align with genres like dramas, documentaries, etc. So there is likely to be overlap. The clusters can be "described" with any viewer or device attributes that can be associated to the respondent level data that is used for the solution.  To be clear, the affinity view solution is based  purely on the viewer behavior.  We dont use the genre or other characteristics of the program to drive the solution.

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