Marketing Daily
Monday, July 21, 2008
  • Marketing Departments Understaffed, Too Many Move On Quickly

    [Research] In most cases the executives are brought in to turn around a failing business. If the business doesn't pick up, they are pushed … Read the whole story

  • Who's Making What?

    TitleM/FSalary Marketing DirectorF$150,000 Marketing DirectorM$130,000 VP MarketingF$190,000 VP Marketing M$185,000 Top Division Marketing ExecF$185,000 Top Division Marketing ExecM$175,500 Of the 397 respondents, the average … Read the whole story

  • Mattel Sales Ride 'The Dark Knight' Headwinds

    [Retail] And if predictions for the Warner Bros. movie pan out, the latest Batman sequel toys will provide plenty of continuing coattails for product … Read the whole story

  • Economy Spurs Faster Retail (Vs. Food Service) Coffee Growth

    [Beverages] Small behavior changes have a major impact on the coffee market, and current economic pressures are expected to drive consumers to brew more … Read the whole story

  • Used Compact Cars From '90s Going Like Hotcakes

    [Automotive], the shopping and research site, reports a big increase in searches on the site for economy cars built in the mid- to … Read the whole story

  • Mercedes Dives Into Swimwear Show In Miami

    [Automotive] The company is title sponsor of Fashion Week in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Berlin and Miami. Starting next year, Mercedes will … Read the whole story

  • Coke Launches Tour With Hip-Hopper Lupe Fiasco

    [Beverages] The company will have branding and products at concerts, including "Coca-Cola City" backdrops on the stages to Coca-Cola beverages. "The concert venues are … Read the whole story