Marketing Daily
Monday, October 31, 2011
  • Credit Unions Respond To Bank Transfer Day

    More than 66,400 consumers have indicated on Facebook that they intend to close their accounts at major banks and move their money to community ... Read the whole story

  • NHL Seeks Higher Engagement More Than Numbers

    "My concern is how do we, as a traditional sports property, engage that demographic; how do we engage those consumers 18 to 34?" Keith ... Read the whole story

  • Beverage Sales Droop As Diners Opt For Tap Water

    Since 2006, restaurant traffic has declined by 1%, but total beverage servings (excluding tap water) have declined by 6% (2.7 billion servings), according to ... Read the whole story

  • CMOs Eye Disparity: Local Marketing Wishes, Reality

    Nearly 50% of marketers surveyed by the CMO Council believe localized marketing is essential to business growth and profitability, particularly as it relates to ... Read the whole story

  • Ford Enters Boxing Ring With Trio Of Trucks

    The effort, produced by L.A.-based production house King and Country for Ford's WPP agency consortium Team Detroit, uses a "Main Event" prize fight as ... Read the whole story

  • Keeping It Personal

    And other tips for implementing a successful digital shopper marketing campaign. Read the whole story