Marketing Daily
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
  • General Mills Ties Into 3D 'Star Wars' Release

    The Force will be with General Mills' Big G Cereals starting in late January, as store shelves feature boxes of the cereals containing collectible … Read the whole story

  • Lexus Super Bowl Ad: Big Changes

    Lexus will debut its first-ever Super Bowl commercial for Super Bowl XLVI. The automaker will use its buy to tout its 2013 GS car … Read the whole story

  • 'Tech Evangelists' Deserve Attention

    Consumer electronics companies (and marketers looking to drive app adoption in general) would be wise to go after a relatively small group of consumers … Read the whole story

  • CMOs Sweating Their Tech Savvy

    CMOs believe they are evolving effectively as digital disciplines mature, according to a new study. But 40% of them see that lack of technical … Read the whole story

  • Chevy Super Bowl: Social And Global

    Chevrolet's humorous ad featuring a yellow Camaro is part of a raft of new advertising the company will feature during the Super Bowl, and … Read the whole story

  • PRSA Searches For Meaning Of Life

    This hand-wringing, flop sweat-inducing, anxiety-ridden search for sublime succinctness promises to explain what it is that PR people actually get paid to do. Read the whole story