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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
  • Progressive Launches Social 'Best Day Ever'

    Progressive Insurance is using Flo, the proprietress of the fictive insurance store, to go social about "The Best Day Ever." The campaign involves a … Read the whole story

  • Green Doubt: Consumers More Skeptical

    Cone Communications' new Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker reports that a minority of shoppers believe marketers' environmental messages. But that doesn't mean they're not … Read the whole story

  • Chevrolet Gets Common Cause With Commonwealth

    Chevrolet is hoping to create a lot of efficiencies and build a lot of bridges with its decision to give Chevrolet global advertising oversight … Read the whole story

  • Strong Brands Built Through Trust, Then Action

    According to Harris Interactive's most recent EquiTrend Study, nearly every top scorer shared two commonalities: that people had good feelings toward them and they … Read the whole story

  • John Hancock Promises 'You Are Not Alone'

    John Hancock Financial Services is launching its first work under Chief Marketing Officer David Longfritz, who says the campaign "reflects the times we live … Read the whole story

  • Top Social Engagement Brands Make 'Me Statements'

    A new study from analytics-driven advertising research firm PhaseOne Communications, presented at the Advertising Research Foundation's Re:think 2012 event on March 27, sheds light … Read the whole story

  • Marketing To Women: 30 Stats To Know

    Recognizing the power and influence of women must be a top priority for marketers. Here are 30 surprising stats to help marketers get a … Read the whole story