Marketing Daily
Monday, June 18, 2012
  • LUSH Launches Mood-Boosting Color Line

    Instead of linking them to seasonal trends, LUSH Cosmetics is marketing them by mood. Called "Emotional Brilliance," the collection allows women to pick a ... Read the whole story

  • Carapelli Olive Oil Campaign Stresses Social Sharing

    Dubbed "Made with Care, Made to Share," the campaign's hub is a relaunched site. The site focuses on offering recipes and provides links to ... Read the whole story

  • Licensing Expo: Speed Dating In Vegas

    It might look to the casual observer that there are no strange bedfellows in the licensing business, where deals look like they are made ... Read the whole story

  • JetBlue Promo Links With Night Ranger, 'Rock Of Ages'

    The latest off-the-wall promotion from JetBlue Airways celebrated the release of the movie "Rock of Ages" featuring Night Ranger. The theme was "What's Your ... Read the whole story

  • Luxury Category Is Mixed Bag Of Numbers

    Kantar Media Compete, with an assist from Autodata, says Mercedes led the premium gang, at least in the first quarter. But wait. Compete's study ... Read the whole story

  • Name This Book

    I've been working on a book about the dawning Relationship Era -- in which brands must find human connections between themselves and stakeholders, as ... Read the whole story

  • The Best Sustainability Stories Are True

    Consumers want stories that ring true. They'll come to you when you give them reason to believe what you believe. Read the whole story