Marketing Daily
Thursday, May 29, 2014
  • NHL's Chicago Blackhawks Take Loyalty Cup

    Brand Keys, which polled 150 fans in each of the teams' own DMAs, said the Bruins are tied with the Blackhawks in loyalty. The ... Read the whole story

  • Rite Aid Re-Rocks Its Skin Tour

    Rite Aid is again taking its skin-loving message to the people, sponsoring the Skin Cancer Foundation's Road to Healthy Skin Tour for the 7th ... Read the whole story

  • Vans Warped Tour Connects Fans, Bands With Brands

    Teen specialty retailer Journeys just joined Kia and Vans as top-tier sponsor with its three-year deal, says Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, who talks ... Read the whole story

  • Consumers Accept Declining Privacy

    Most consumers believe that total privacy is a thing of the past and about half are willing to give up some personal information in ... Read the whole story

  • Gluten-Free Perceived As Healthy For All

    Research found that just 25% of those living in gluten-free households cite celiac disease or gluten sensitivity as the main reasons. Among the other ... Read the whole story