Marketing Politics Weekly
Wednesday, August 29, 2018
  • Trump Attacks Google News Results, Search Experts Debunk Bias Claim

    Search marketing experts seemed puzzled Tuesday morning by President Trump's attack of Google in tweets that accused the company of prioritizing liberal "fake news" … Read the whole story

  • Why We No Longer Want To Know What's True

    We're developing a weird relationship with the truth. It's becoming even more inconvenient, and more worrisome. Read the whole story

  • Twitter Bans Another 486 Bad Actors

    Twitter said last week that many of the offending accounts appear to have originated from Iran. "Fewer than 100 of the 770 suspended accounts … Read the whole story

  • Roger Stone Sends Email, Saying He May Be Next To Be Indicted

    Long-time Trump advisor Roger Stone has warned supporters that he may be next to be indicted, and is asking for funds to fight it. Read the whole story

  • TV Networks May Be More Reliable Ad Choice Than 'National Enquirer'

    If you are an advertiser, are you happy the 'National Enquirer' keeps compelling stories in a safe and far from loyal readers? Do you … Read the whole story

  • Tumblr Redoubles Efforts To Curb Hate Speech

    Like Facebook, Twitter and others, the platform wants to promote free speech and creative expression, but not at the expense of people's physical and … Read the whole story