Marketing Politics Weekly
Wednesday, February 27, 2019
  • Sinclair Posts Strong Political Revenues, Digital Ads Rise

    Political revenues totaled $149.6 million in Q4 versus $15.5 million in Q4 2017, a non-election year. Sinclair says digital revenues climbed 22.5%. Read the whole story

  • It's Time To Make Your Voice Heard

    "All politics is local." Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill's famous quote epitomizes why the American Advertising Federation's Day on the Hill next week is … Read the whole story

  • Beijing's Real-Life 'Black Mirror' Episode

    The Chinese government has been experimenting with a social credit program that rewards good behavior and punishes bad. Next year, it becomes mandatory. Read the whole story

  • Senators Probe Big Pharma's Pricing; CEOs Put Blame Elsewhere

    While Big Pharma CEOs "were eager to indict a system they said is badly broken, they declined to commit to lowering their own prices," … Read the whole story