Marketing Politics Weekly
Friday, July 28, 2023
  • Biden Urges Lawmakers To Regulate Social Media

    "We've got to hold these platforms accountable for the national experiment they've been conducting on our children for profit," Biden said Tuesday. Read the whole story

  • Teens Press To Proceed With 'Addiction' Lawsuit Against Social Platforms

    "This case is about conduct, not content -- defects, not speech," lawyers for teens and families who are suing social-media platforms argue. Read the whole story

  • Intense Future Marketing For TV News: Leaving 'Fair And Balanced' Far Behind

    Fox News Channel formerly used the slogan "Fair and Balanced." Former CEO of CNN Worldwide Chris Licht believed a more straight-ahead, less partisan, old-school … Read the whole story

  • Senate Committee Advances Teens Online Safety Bill

    The Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday advanced the controversial Kids Online Safety Act, which broadly aims to regulate how social media platforms display ads … Read the whole story

  • Is Streaming Sustainable For The Long Term? Look Back 30 Years For A Clue

    We now have what consumers have long wanted - individual media companies' streaming apps to pick and choose. The question remains: Is this what … Read the whole story