Marketing Politics Weekly
Monday, August 7, 2023
  • U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade: How It Affects Advertising

    The main risk is that it continues to drive up interest rates, which slows marketing investments, said Kevin Lee, founder of digital marketing and … Read the whole story

  • TV Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

    It's fascinating to watch the Fox Weather channel report on record heat and flooding across the country while assiduously avoiding the phrase "climate change." … Read the whole story

  • TikTok's Upcoming Ad Product Bypasses Privacy Regulations

    To help advertisers target specific audiences while bypassing privacy regulations, TikTok is developing a privacy-tech product called "PrivacyGo." Read the whole story

  • Canadians In The FAST Lane

    Some 80% of Canadian internet users have CTVs, and nearly 40% report watching FASTs, per a new survey. Read the whole story

  • Backlash Against Corporate Activism Tests Brand Marketers

    A majority of corporate executives said they expect hostility to ESG policies to become more pronounced in the next couple of years. Read the whole story

  • AI At The Precipice Of Truth

    "NYT" had a headline that can only be described as scary: "What Can You Do When A.I. Lies About You?" The short answer is, … Read the whole story

  • Google Must Face Antitrust Claims Over Search Agreements

    Antitrust claims stemming from Google's search agreements with Apple and Mozilla involve "genuine disputes of material fact that warrant a trial," a federal judge … Read the whole story

  • Do Networks Still Want Supposedly High-Rated Trump-Themed TV?

    "The New York Times" headline says "Trump Dines With Fox News Executives After Learning of Third Indictment." Read the whole story