Marketing Politics Weekly
Monday, June 10, 2024
  • Winning Elections With Data-Driven Programmatic Advertising Strategies

    In today's dynamic political landscape, understanding regulations, embracing multicultural voters and strategically leveraging data are essential to effective programmatic advertising. Read the whole story

  • Amid Somber D-Day Celebrations, Liz Cheney Surprises Us

    Cheney's video says we need a president who "honors the sacrifices of our troops" -- not one "consumed by spite, revenge and self-pity." Read the whole story

  • Mississippi Social Media Law Faces First Amendment Challenge

    The new statute "requires covered websites to monitor and censor speech, much of which is protected by the First Amendment, potentially even including Romeo … Read the whole story

  • Asian Americans Tend To Favor Social Media For News

    Asian Americans are six times likelier than the general population to use LinkedIn for news. Read the whole story

  • UN Secretary General Calls For Global Ban On Fossil Fuel Ads

    He also called on advertising and PR agencies to stop working for the fossil fuel industry - work that for decades has helped the … Read the whole story