Marketing QSR Weekly
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
  • How DoorDash Handled Chaos Of 2020

    Among the company's early moves to help local restaurants affected by pandemic was to cut commissions restaurants paid to DoorDash. Read the whole story

  • Lovin' On Dunkin': Deal Inspire-s Wall Street

    Investors are salivating over news that Inspire Brands is mulling an offer to take Dunkin' private. Read the whole story

  • Dagger Awarded Fast-Food Chain Krystal AOR

    It's been an event-filled year for the restaurant chain, which has about 300 locations in the South. In January, it filed for bankruptcy. In … Read the whole story

  • As Businesses Re-open, Data Yields Insights To Help Marketers Survive Holiday Season

    As new restaurants and food businesses open at pre-pandemic levels, Yelp data on the economy and Deloitte insights reveal what consumers are thinking and … Read the whole story

  • Watch Out, Squarespace: Here Comes Mailchimp

    Competition in the martech space echoes the evolution of product digitization. Read the whole story

  • Create Killer Video Content, Maximize Social Media

    It's important to keep your goals in mind when creating your video. Are you trying to drive awareness, sales, traffic, or all the above? Read the whole story