Marketing QSR Weekly
Tuesday, June 29, 2021
  • Alpha Foods Uses Humor To Counter Plant-Based Consumer Perceptions

    Campaign is based on the notion that if a plant can be "meat," people can do things they didn't think they could. Read the whole story

  • Cinema Ad Net Expands To College Campuses

    Cinema ad network National CineMedia continues its diversification outside of movie theaters, syndicating a version of its "Noovie" pre-show on digital out-of-home screens on … Read the whole story

  • How to Know It's Time For A Rebrand

    For one, ask "Does our brand strategy reflect our business strategy?" Read the whole story

  • How IBM Watson Advertising Plans To Use AI To Reduce Bias

    Developers often are unaware of the bias their models have, and may not have the knowledge to identify what is appropriate. Read the whole story

  • Here's A DIY For Small Business Social Media Planning

    For those readers who may not have the resources of big integrated media services or standalone social media agencies, social media planning platform Ripl … Read the whole story

  • Why Disney+ Marvel Series Are So Good (Even When They're Not)

    One reason television series based on movies seldom work is because the stars from the theatrical movie don't ordinarily reprise their roles for the … Read the whole story