Marketing QSR Weekly
Tuesday, August 31, 2021
  • McDonald's Joins Price-Fixing Suit As Chicken Industry Consolidates

    "McDonald's distribution centers may have been victims of the purported conspiracy, unknowingly purchasing broiler chickens from Tyson," says company execs. Read the whole story

  • Wendy's Goes All In On Breakfast Ads, Ghost Kitchens

    Wendy's hopes to grow breakfast revenue by 30% in 2021-with a goal of 10% of sales coming from breakfast by the end of 2022. Read the whole story

  • More Fee Restrictions, Lawsuits Challenge Third-Party Deliverers

    New York, Illinois and California have erected new speed bumps on the road to profitability for third-party food deliverers. Read the whole story

  • Purell Takes Top Spot For Increased Usage

    "As consumers strive for normalcy, they will continue to depend on some brands at the cost of others," says MBLM's Mario Natarelli. Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Nabs Petco's Hassan, Will Lead U.S. Marketing

    Hassan helped drive 11 quarters of consecutive growth and increased ecommerce by over 20% at Petco. Read the whole story